Monday, December 17, 2012

People Playing Roles (Relatively)

Have you ever given much thought about how good people are at each role they play? I think it's a very interesting phenomena how much variation there is in a single person when it comes to different roles. One person can be extremely good at being a father while being a crappy husband. Someone can be a very good friend but a unbearable sister. I think roles define who people are. Like all other things people are relative. Which reminds me that Albert Eisenstein is so right. He said that all the things are relative. I never thought this might literally applied to us humans until recently.

You may have heard other's say things differently about someone you know. Things like, "I can't imagine what's wrong with you. He's such a good person. But you seem to find some wrong with him all the time and fight over nothing". That person is talking about your boyfriend while being a good friend to both of you. You might probably think that your friend is taking his side. However, I think what you should get out of this is... that your boyfriend is an extremely good friend but a crappy boyfriend. He's good at playing friend role but not the other. I think things can change once you understand this. You'll see things more positively. I hope.

I was taught to see both good and bad in people. I was told to ignore bad and hang on to the goody part. That is possibly the greatest lesson I've learnt in my life time so far. It was not a lesson about people. It was a lesson about relativity and how relativity applies to people. I think. Maybe it's something else altogether. But I'm just gonna hang to this definition for now.

By the way, I should really stop trying to post psychological stuff on my blog. I'm so not good at this. I bet you are utterly confused now. Well, I can't help it and you probably deserved it for reading my blog buddy. :P

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