Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sinhala Angry Birds - My Version

If I were given the opportunity to name these fellas, I'd go for these names :D

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Decisions... Decisions... !!

When I was little... ah! now you know that this is going to be a funny post , don't you? Yeah, my smaller version is kinda funny, you know? So.. When I was little, I wonder how a simple decision we make changes our future entirely. When we make up our mind about something, we end up getting a series of possibilities which must have been different if you have taken a different decision. Well, that wasn't that complicated when I thought about it as a child. They used to be simple decisions. Such as, which foot to use first when you walk out of the house... or which vegetable to eat first when I'm having lunch.Like.. If I eat a Carrot first, will I have the same future as when I eat a piece of Potato? See... Simple!! Do you know how I resolve this? I would eat the carrot and think that since I'v chosen to eat the carrot (and not the piece of Potato, as for that matter) my aunt (whom I sort of hated back then) would die. If I would have eaten the piece of Potato, someone else (whom I happen to love) would die. The funny part is, whatever I eat somebody will die. I never considered an option where nobody has to die. So the bottom line is I believed (and still do) that every action you take with every decision you make, what you actually do so choosing a future. And If you would have made a different decision you would have a alternate future.

Growing up, my decisions and life choices became complicated. I had to choose subjects for my Advance Level. I had to choose which school to attend. I had to choose between Maths and IT. All these decisions changed my life. More like Navigated it. Some time back, I took another hard decision. and now it changes my life. After I took that decision, I came across so many opportunities to choose that imaginary alternate future. But I kept on sticking to my oldest plan.  Unlike before, I saw examples of how that alternate future would be. I saw that it's wonderful. But for some reason, I just hanged in there. Not knowing anything about what would become of me. Maybe you can call it being stupid. My mother would call it being stubborn.  (obviously, because every mother does and mine is of that typical kind.. Love her).

However, now, I see certain indicators. Indicators which hints me about the future I'm going to have because of the decision I made. Even though those were lovely and all wonderful (same as the alternate one), it scares me to death. Am I ready to face it? Am I ready to embrace the consequences? Am I ready to let go of the people close to me? Well, that's the bad news. The good news is, I have some time to get prepared. And I will do it. Somehow. hopefully.

This is not that funny after all, huh ?