Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mr. Serious and Ms. I_am_too_proud


Mr. Serious is a dog. He's a stray who lives close to my home. As the name suggests he is very serious. If you try to pet him, he never wags his tail, but instead points both of his ears upwards and just stare. Yes, he is that serious. I never saw him playing with other dogs either. He's always alert and kind of acts like a parent looking over kids.

Ms. I_am_too_proud, on the other hand is quite different. She's a stray.. um.. bitch. Literally. She shows you that she loved to be pet but she's too proud and never let you touch her. She runs off if you ever try to go near her, like it's a life and death situation. She's insane.  


I was on my way home yesterday when I saw this. I saw Mr. Serious dancing with Ms. I_am_too_proud. Well, it's not really dancing. They were being playful. It was very sweet. and it just made my day. It was so much fun to watch them playing with each other.

Well, there's not much story there, isn't it? But I thought of writing about them on my blog at that time. So this post is dedicated to Mr. Serious and Ms. I_am_too_proud. May you have a happy and a long life. :D

Additional Information

I named them.