Saturday, August 2, 2008

People can change...

I used to think that people never change for good... well I'm pretty much glad to say that today I realized that I'm wrong... What I believed was that even someone change his or her ways and means of living, deviating from bad to good never lasts for a life time... and when life gets bitter and difficult they will come back to their original easy bad life...

But, I was wrong... There were people who totally changed into a new leaf and amazingly maintain the goodness within them even on extremely difficult situations. This sounds so hard to do... but if we have the intention of making things best for everyone and if we have the faith on our believes and if we can understand the value of life, then not only changing our lives for good but also making our lives worth living is something... something that we can do for real...

P.S : Please ignore the seriousness above... it's.. ummm... it's way tooo serious :(

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Problamatic FUN Time!

The best thing about second year exams is the fact that they are over :D
As always, appearance of the result sheet is a different story.

What do I do now for fun, is the biggest problem I'm facing right now (well... except for the fact that there are bomb explosions and floods everywhere and the fact that my darling DAD is suffering from high fever and the fact that each and every consuming product is getting like incredibly expensive and... OK... may be that's not my biggest problem) I admit that I had loads and loads of fantasies in my head before the exams, but two days has passed already but I'm still thinking what I should do now.. how interesting.. :P

hope I'll be able to think of something really cool and put it to action in the very near future... :D

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


A set of questions or exercises testing knowledge or skill

What if the person who is forced to do the examination, does not like to be tested? Personally, I do not. do you?