Friday, August 17, 2012

Long time no C...

Isn't it funny how people manage to do all sorts of stuff at the busiest times and they couldn't do a single out of the routine work at all when there's nothing important going on? Like when you have exams, you have all the time in the world to do Not-so-important stuff. Well you're probably missing "studying", but still you have enough time to watch movies, play games and writing blog posts and what else... sleep.. most importantly sleep... if you know what I mean... Anyways my point is.. I couldn't come around to write a blog post because I didn't have any exams or any other busy work recently.

Having produced a satisfactory excuse.... Lets see what I'm going to write today.  Not that I have exams now, but I just felt like writing something just to remind myself that I have a blog. That seems like a pretty good reason to me. So let me write something unusual that I do. 

I'm reading kids books these days. I got a British Council Library membership for my niece. At a time we can borrow four books with the membership. Notice how I used "we" instead of "she"? She's only 6, so I decided that she can only read 3 books a week. (well, that's my decision and my niece doesn't agree... naturally.. kids..uhhm!! We usually goes to the library on Saturdays and she usually finish reading 'em by Tuesday.. Because of my well planned great decision she spends rest of the week memorizing those 3 books ;) )  Bottom line is... I'm reading a kids book every week from my niece's library membership. when I put it that way... it does sound bad. but... I'm still going to do that next week.

Plus side of reading kids books is... you enjoy 'em in two different ways. One thing is there's a genuine yet very innocent story you can enjoy without worrying too much. Other enjoyment comes when you remember how much of belief you put on these stories when you were a kid. How you used to think that Nancy Drew is an actual person and how perfect she is (a little too perfect may I add) and how you tried to solve mysteries by yourself but you found none. Then you thought that your neighborhood is totally boring. huh?? brings back so many lovely memories.. doesn't it ? and then you wanted your regular dog to be a super dog like Timothy from The Famous Five? oohhh! Good o'l days ;) This can go on like forever but if you used to read books when you were little you probably know what I'm saying here.

Anyways tomorrow is the library day! Try reading some kids books for a change. you'll see what I meant. Happy reading everyone!!!