Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Despite the fact that I'm writing this on a blog, topic has nothing to do with memory related to computers.

I wondered about my memory.

When I was very small, I always wondered why all the older people keeps on saying that they don't remember most of the things they did when they were at my age. I thoroughly determined to keep each and every bit of information in my memory, so that one day when I grow up I could tell them, "see, it's not that you remember, it's because you didn't try. I can remember everything when I was small" (quite a challenge huh?? well... I am pretty good cause at least I remember what I determined to do :P )

Then again this same me thought that people completely forget things over night. (stupid, I know.. but who cares.. I was too young :P ) That is because, I lost my brothers' magnet and I anyhow wanted him to sleep, hoping so that in the morning he would remember nothing about the magnet and that he will not even remember the fact that he had a magnet. ( :D I know.. I know.. It's way too stupid alright! and also my phenomena didn't actually worked as I planned :( later I had to go through a severe questioning session about it.. conducted by my brother. But I remember, I applied my theory there. Me: "I slept. So how do you expect me to remember anything now huh?" My brother: &#$^*(#&%*(confusion) :P )

Coming back to today, I wondered why I don't remember certain things, which I wanted so badly to forget and but sadly thought I'll remember them for my entire life time. Memories which were only about three years old.

About my childhood determination, well, of cause you should know what could have happened. Forget about tiny bits of information, I don't even remember the names of some of my closest friends at that time :P (I only remember Nayana, whose name is the easiest)

I'm glad cause I now don't remember most of the things which I wanted to forget (I guess so, cause I don't remember). But I wondered why I don't remember things I determined to keep in my memory, not childhood stuff but things which are important and recent.

I am still wondering

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Me and My Mouth!!!

Believe me or not... This is a terrible combination!!!