Thursday, June 16, 2016



I took this free IQ test online today and here's the results.

IQ Test for Free

According to them, I'm a Genius. ( way to enhance self-esteem)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sinhala Angry Birds - My Version

If I were given the opportunity to name these fellas, I'd go for these names :D

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Decisions... Decisions... !!

When I was little... ah! now you know that this is going to be a funny post , don't you? Yeah, my smaller version is kinda funny, you know? So.. When I was little, I wonder how a simple decision we make changes our future entirely. When we make up our mind about something, we end up getting a series of possibilities which must have been different if you have taken a different decision. Well, that wasn't that complicated when I thought about it as a child. They used to be simple decisions. Such as, which foot to use first when you walk out of the house... or which vegetable to eat first when I'm having lunch.Like.. If I eat a Carrot first, will I have the same future as when I eat a piece of Potato? See... Simple!! Do you know how I resolve this? I would eat the carrot and think that since I'v chosen to eat the carrot (and not the piece of Potato, as for that matter) my aunt (whom I sort of hated back then) would die. If I would have eaten the piece of Potato, someone else (whom I happen to love) would die. The funny part is, whatever I eat somebody will die. I never considered an option where nobody has to die. So the bottom line is I believed (and still do) that every action you take with every decision you make, what you actually do so choosing a future. And If you would have made a different decision you would have a alternate future.

Growing up, my decisions and life choices became complicated. I had to choose subjects for my Advance Level. I had to choose which school to attend. I had to choose between Maths and IT. All these decisions changed my life. More like Navigated it. Some time back, I took another hard decision. and now it changes my life. After I took that decision, I came across so many opportunities to choose that imaginary alternate future. But I kept on sticking to my oldest plan.  Unlike before, I saw examples of how that alternate future would be. I saw that it's wonderful. But for some reason, I just hanged in there. Not knowing anything about what would become of me. Maybe you can call it being stupid. My mother would call it being stubborn.  (obviously, because every mother does and mine is of that typical kind.. Love her).

However, now, I see certain indicators. Indicators which hints me about the future I'm going to have because of the decision I made. Even though those were lovely and all wonderful (same as the alternate one), it scares me to death. Am I ready to face it? Am I ready to embrace the consequences? Am I ready to let go of the people close to me? Well, that's the bad news. The good news is, I have some time to get prepared. And I will do it. Somehow. hopefully.

This is not that funny after all, huh ?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mr. Serious and Ms. I_am_too_proud


Mr. Serious is a dog. He's a stray who lives close to my home. As the name suggests he is very serious. If you try to pet him, he never wags his tail, but instead points both of his ears upwards and just stare. Yes, he is that serious. I never saw him playing with other dogs either. He's always alert and kind of acts like a parent looking over kids.

Ms. I_am_too_proud, on the other hand is quite different. She's a stray.. um.. bitch. Literally. She shows you that she loved to be pet but she's too proud and never let you touch her. She runs off if you ever try to go near her, like it's a life and death situation. She's insane.  


I was on my way home yesterday when I saw this. I saw Mr. Serious dancing with Ms. I_am_too_proud. Well, it's not really dancing. They were being playful. It was very sweet. and it just made my day. It was so much fun to watch them playing with each other.

Well, there's not much story there, isn't it? But I thought of writing about them on my blog at that time. So this post is dedicated to Mr. Serious and Ms. I_am_too_proud. May you have a happy and a long life. :D

Additional Information

I named them.

Monday, December 17, 2012

People Playing Roles (Relatively)

Have you ever given much thought about how good people are at each role they play? I think it's a very interesting phenomena how much variation there is in a single person when it comes to different roles. One person can be extremely good at being a father while being a crappy husband. Someone can be a very good friend but a unbearable sister. I think roles define who people are. Like all other things people are relative. Which reminds me that Albert Eisenstein is so right. He said that all the things are relative. I never thought this might literally applied to us humans until recently.

You may have heard other's say things differently about someone you know. Things like, "I can't imagine what's wrong with you. He's such a good person. But you seem to find some wrong with him all the time and fight over nothing". That person is talking about your boyfriend while being a good friend to both of you. You might probably think that your friend is taking his side. However, I think what you should get out of this is... that your boyfriend is an extremely good friend but a crappy boyfriend. He's good at playing friend role but not the other. I think things can change once you understand this. You'll see things more positively. I hope.

I was taught to see both good and bad in people. I was told to ignore bad and hang on to the goody part. That is possibly the greatest lesson I've learnt in my life time so far. It was not a lesson about people. It was a lesson about relativity and how relativity applies to people. I think. Maybe it's something else altogether. But I'm just gonna hang to this definition for now.

By the way, I should really stop trying to post psychological stuff on my blog. I'm so not good at this. I bet you are utterly confused now. Well, I can't help it and you probably deserved it for reading my blog buddy. :P

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nothing more awesome than the evening for "Breaking Dawn"

It was awesome!

The movie was awesome!!
I planned to watch Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn Part II ever since I read the book. Surely, that feeling became unbearable right after I watched the part one of it. It's ending was superb. I remember watching Bella's transformation several times on YouTube after that. Oh c'mon!! It's not that creepy, is it? I mean if you have watched it, then you know what I mean. That was like the only part which I could not imagine by reading the book. So I think the movie helped me a lot with my ever spanning imagination and I'm so thankful for that. :D

As for the part two, like I said It was awesome. However, like all awesome things, this also have a down side. It seems like they have rushed the first portion of the movie too much. Like it was way too disconnected. I felt like watching a slideshow rather than a movie. So unoriginal, if you know what I mean. And the dialogues were cheesy. Not that I grasped each and every one of them, but the parts I got were all cheesy. I mean, "We are in the same temperature now".?? What was that? It's so not Edward!! I really don't think he would have picked that line for that moment. right? like I said, so not Edward. Anyway, except for the dialogues  I was very much pleased with the rushing when I got to the next portion of the movie. The awesome part. The rushing was definitely worth it. It's not that I prefer action movies over romantic ones. But the action scene was very catchy. for lack of better words, it was awesome. I think I shouldn't use that "a" word again in this post. I think you all have had enough of it for the day :D

As I remember, I never wrote about a movie before. So this must suck. If it's not then I'm sure it's beginners luck. Anyway, thank you, all the cast and crew members of Breaking Dawn Part two for the awe...... amazing movie. I hope you'll not sue me for criticizing your lines :D

PS : Maybe it's too much information, but I'm reading the Twilight series again. For the 7th or 8th time. I think. started with draft of Midnight Sun two days ago. And Stephanie, I do love you. But I'll love you more if you write the rest of Midnight Sun and put me out of my misery. 

Also, I watched it in the evening. I bet the heading makes sense now, right? :D

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Adult Bullying

Few days ago, I read an article about adult bullying. It was very interesting until I realized I'm a victim. That was bit of a shock and a devastating feeling. But then I realized up to different levels, we all are. And I felt much better. It always feels good be included rather than being left out, even if the group you belong is the worst kind. In this case bullying-victim group.

Let me tell u how I realized this ultimate truth. The article talked about most of the indicators to identify bullies and their victims. Something about harassment and "using their power to go after another". Bottom line is you know when you are being bullied if you feel someone else is forcing you to do things despite your unwillingness. ah! there goes the bulb. Now you know you are being bullied. Congratulations my friend. You have joined the club. ;)

However, it says that most of the adult bullying occurs at the workplaces. Oh boy! Never saw that coming, right? There is something important you have to understand here. I hope you remember that time, right after lunch, you feel all sleepy and you want so badly to drop dead on the table? And sometimes you are brave enough to do so. Then at that exact moment your manager comes and ask you what you are doing? And you are forced to keep your eyes open unwillingly. Well, unfortunately,  that's not bullying. I"m sure that theres another fancy word for that too. But sadly, it's not "Bullying". I'm talking about a situation where your manager asks you to work extra hours in order to cover someone else's work. And when you reject to do so, simply because you have your own personal life to take care of. Then your manager starts yelling at you saying that you'll not be entitled for either promotions or salary increment next year because you have very bad attitudes. Well, I think you get the picture here. My personal opinion is, that's bullying. Must say, very harsh bullying indeed.

Since you know the problem now, lets see what you can do about it. Well, there's practically nothing to do. You can't take any action against him/her. Of cause the article suggested to confront the bully, or to show that you are ignoring the person, or even to report the HR department. But trust me, that won't work.  Frankly, it'll get worse. But instead, I would suggest to stop showing, go ahead and completely ignore the person. Do things your way if you think it's right even if you don't get promoted next year. You wouldn't probably get promoted even if you do as your manager says. After all, who can trust a bully right ? ;)