Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nothing more awesome than the evening for "Breaking Dawn"

It was awesome!

The movie was awesome!!
I planned to watch Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn Part II ever since I read the book. Surely, that feeling became unbearable right after I watched the part one of it. It's ending was superb. I remember watching Bella's transformation several times on YouTube after that. Oh c'mon!! It's not that creepy, is it? I mean if you have watched it, then you know what I mean. That was like the only part which I could not imagine by reading the book. So I think the movie helped me a lot with my ever spanning imagination and I'm so thankful for that. :D

As for the part two, like I said It was awesome. However, like all awesome things, this also have a down side. It seems like they have rushed the first portion of the movie too much. Like it was way too disconnected. I felt like watching a slideshow rather than a movie. So unoriginal, if you know what I mean. And the dialogues were cheesy. Not that I grasped each and every one of them, but the parts I got were all cheesy. I mean, "We are in the same temperature now".?? What was that? It's so not Edward!! I really don't think he would have picked that line for that moment. right? like I said, so not Edward. Anyway, except for the dialogues  I was very much pleased with the rushing when I got to the next portion of the movie. The awesome part. The rushing was definitely worth it. It's not that I prefer action movies over romantic ones. But the action scene was very catchy. for lack of better words, it was awesome. I think I shouldn't use that "a" word again in this post. I think you all have had enough of it for the day :D

As I remember, I never wrote about a movie before. So this must suck. If it's not then I'm sure it's beginners luck. Anyway, thank you, all the cast and crew members of Breaking Dawn Part two for the awe...... amazing movie. I hope you'll not sue me for criticizing your lines :D

PS : Maybe it's too much information, but I'm reading the Twilight series again. For the 7th or 8th time. I think. started with draft of Midnight Sun two days ago. And Stephanie, I do love you. But I'll love you more if you write the rest of Midnight Sun and put me out of my misery. 

Also, I watched it in the evening. I bet the heading makes sense now, right? :D

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Poo said...

I knowww !!! It was Fabulous (avoiding the 'a' word)
I felt it was perfect. :D