Saturday, June 23, 2007


Last few weeks, I hardly figured out that weekends exit, because none of my last few weeks ever end. :) I worked at the office for 5 days, did my studies on the next 2… then next 5 at office… n so on… it didn’t end… isn’t it?

Anyway this week I figured out that weekends still exit and I should stay at home on those. :) Life is simply amazing to be at home, Very simple life style. You can wake up at any time you want to (mm… 7 would be the most appropriate for me), get dressed, have breakfast (did I say breakfast… :) ), watch your favorite cartoon on TV, play with your niece (well of course… you’ve got to have a 1 like mine… a sweet 2 year old… play in the sense tease her until her or your mom shouts STOP!!!… :) … you know what… I think she likes to get teased… It’s she, who always starts it…what M doing is dragging her start… :) … ok… back to the list…),do some house hold stuff, hang around with my life partner(that would the computer.), have a nap(partner – niece… well… if the baby is asleep what else would the baby sitter do?... oh god… M so helpless… :( …), bathe, lunch :) , and then starts the boring half of the day… nothing interesting to do… so M back to the life partner… how can the humans survive without a computer?(Addicted?... terrible)… Uhh ohh… how could I ever forget? Reading… Super… must read something in the book shelf… that’ll keep me occupied all the evening.

Happy reading myself!!!

PS: You need to have some time for yourself... but ONLY... SOMEtime... I don't wonna spend my whole life as weekends for sure... it's boring nuh? Working is FUN sometime... only SOMEtime... It's variation which brings colors to ya life... :)

Friday, June 22, 2007


I was walking alone on the road of life, where there were thousands of other people who walk together, and still walking with me to the same direction as I am. We are all bounded to each other with multicolor ropes. People who walk very close to me taught me at the beginning of the journey that these ropes are called Relationships. They are easily breakable.

The journey is very tough. I couldn’t maintain some of my ropes. They broke. It's terrible. They are unfixable!

Then... I met you. A Super Friend. I got a destination regarding my Relationship ropes. I wanted to make our friendship rope, THE strongest among all the other ropes. Currently I'm working on it :D

Thank you so much for being my best friend!!