Friday, January 29, 2010

Private and Confidential

Thought to visit my blog after a long time. I couldn't come here because I was not about to die or I was not busy as busy could ever get. I couldn't come because.. actually I don't know why. It is none of any one's business to know that either and I don't think you are interested in knowing it as well. Anyway.. I'm here now... to write something.
Sometime back, there was a huge scene, cause one blogger posted a chat conversation on her blog. That conversation was very personal and everything. So everybody was so upset and thought that this is something very irresponsible and inappropriate. I thought the same. (It is always good to go with the flow)
Anyway... to my own surprise, now I found that it is very fascinating and I thought I should do the same. I thought I also should post a highly private and confidential chat conversation on my blog. So here I go...

Nadeeshani: he he .. :D
Maheshi: hu hu
Nadeeshani: narichchi
Maheshi: hiwalichchi
Nadeeshani: gembi
Maheshi: samanalichchi
Nadeeshani: he he :D hawichchi
Maheshi: mmm...
Nadeeshani: kakki
Maheshi: poosi
Nadeeshani: mainichchi

The conversation was suppose to be like full of hate... you know... since we were calling each other names. But Nadeeshani is laughing. Now that's very weird. There is something terribly wrong with her.