Tuesday, September 18, 2007

When I'm THINKING!!!

There are moments where we could only imagine.. aren't there? Each n every idea that pops up to our minds, that we imagine is not all realistic... I don't know.. this idea is so complicated.. Complicated situations creates the door to confussion.. o..k... this is getting wierd... I gave up..

think.. all over again..

here I go.. again..

mm.. Universe.. mm.. too complicated to start with... sorry sorry.. back to the track..

mm... lets see... ME??.. worst.. even than the Universe...

Books... o..k.. here goes my definition... printed words on pieces of papers bound together..? Nah.. Life in a nutshell...? mm.. better... My soul mate?.. WOW.. that sounds simply great...

does that only sounds great or is it truely great?...uhh.. this is getting complicated again... ohh.. too bad.. gave up.. again

:) & :(

FINALLY.. Done with Harry's wizarding world..

It's simply superb... The best outta the 7 incredibly incredibly Superb books.. Thanks JKR.. it's all great except for the fact that it's The End :(
Now... M waiting for the movies :D ... my last hope